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Guest Post: Answers to the Most Common Pet Travel Questions

Caitlin Moore is the Media Coordinator for  She can be reached at  Visit to find out more about pet travel, moving with your pets and the door-to-door pet relocation services they provide.

Traveling with pets, whether for a vacation, a work assignment, or a permanent move, can ultimately reap great rewards, but preparing for and handling the actual process can be a bit stressful. Where do you begin when planning a trip? Here are a few frequently asked questions (and answers) that will help you get started.

Is airline travel safe for pets?

The short answer is yes, when handled by a pet-friendly airline. There are carriers out there with established pet policies and a dedication to safety, so research your options before you go to make sure you’re selecting a company with your pet’s welfare in mind.

How do I go about bringing my pet to a different country?

Every country has its own set of guidelines and import requirements, so again, this simply requires a bit of research. It’s not unheard of for government websites to be out of date, however, so if you’re concerned about crossing a particular border, it may be worth it to check with a professional pet relocation company to see if they know something you don’t.

My pet is nervous/older/struggling with a health issue. Is traveling a good idea?

Ultimately this is something to speak to your vet about. Nerves can often be tamed by dedicated crate training and more exercise, but the stress of travel can be a lot for an older or frailer pet to handle. Permanent moves can complicate the decision (no one wants to leave a member of the family behind), but for shorter trips it’s often best to find a trusted pet sitter who will take good care of your pet until you return.

Why does pet travel seem so expensive?

In terms of international relocations especially, by the time you add up transportation costs, vet visits, health documents, travel crates, and all the other details, it’s no wonder that moving a pet can amount to quite an expense. Most people decide that it’s worth it, but be aware that there are ways to save (handling components of the move yourself, buying a used crate, etc.). Here are a few tips for how to control the costs of a pet move.

What are the first things I should do once I know I’ll be traveling with my pet?

Begin the preparation process as early as you can by researching country import requirements, scheduling appropriate vet visits, and helping your pet become accustomed to the travel crate. Mapping out of a plan of action – either by hiring pet shipping professionals or figuring things out on your own – will minimize the possibility of stress and surprises. Also, remember that many people have done this before and may be happy to offer a few tips; check online forums, blogs, and tools like Twitter and Facebook to connect with your fellow pet travelers.

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