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Guest Post: How to Have an Enjoyable Road Trip With Your Cat

The following is a guest post from Logan B. Logan is a guest blogger who writes about traveling, pet care, and private jet charters. He is a proud pet owner and a proponent of spaying and neutering cats and dogs.

Cats, unlike dogs, don’t usually like road trips. Being in the car and away from their home makes them uneasy. However, if you’re moving or taking a long road trip and would prefer not to leave your cat home alone or board your cat, you’ll have to take your feline friend with you. Fortunately, there are ways to make hitting the road with your cat easier and more enjoyable for you and your pet.

Here are a few things you can do to make the road trip with your cat in tow better:

  1. Put your cat in a crate. 
    Your cat won’t necessarily love riding in a crate, but it’ll make the trip easier. If your cat is loose in the car, she’ll likely distract you as you drive, and she’ll likely be more nervous. Animals feel safer and more secure in crates, even if they are reluctant to go into them.
  2. Consult your veterinarian. 
    If you know your cat becomes especially scared and anxious when he leaves home, talk to your vet. Veterinarians can prescribe safe sedatives for your cat to take while en route. These sedatives will help him sleep and calm him down.
  3. Make your cat feel comfortable at hotels you stay in. 
    Make sure your cat has fresh litter, food, and water at the hotel. Bring some toys along with you and some things that smell like home. Be sure to play with your cat and expect your furry friend to hide under the hotel bed for a good portion of the trip.
  4. Avoid speeding and slamming on your breaks. 
    If you drive in a reckless and jerky manner, your cat will likely become even more nervous about traveling in the car. Play it safe for your sake and the sake of your travel companions, including your cat.
  5. Let your cat know you’re there. 
    Talk to your cat when you’re traveling in the car. The sound of your voice will soothe your feline and make her feel more at ease as she embarks on a journey into unknown territory.

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