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Guest Post: Tips to Helping Pacify your Dog’s Anxieties

The following is a guest post by Susan Wells. Susan is from insurance quotes, she writes on topics including health/car/life insurance, mortgage, real estate.

An anxiety attack—while this disorder is something that is commonly associated with humans, your furry friend can suffer from anxiety attacks too. Much like humans, dogs can get overwhelmed with different stimuli that can cause your pup to “act out” such as excessive barking or even resort to destructive behavior such as chewing and scratching while you’re not at home.

Anything can trigger it, even car noises, loud barking from dogs across the street, unfamiliar house guests, isolation, fireworks and thunder, or even after “sensing” your change in mood. Dogs are really sensitive creatures. If their anxieties aren’t kept in control, they can end up doing a lot of harm to you or themselves. While diagnosis is generally given by a vet, if you feel that your dog may be suffering from anxieties, below are some natural remedies that might be able to help your dog cope better.

Find the Trigger

The easiest way you can help your dog deal with his or her issues is to locate the source of his or her anxieties. Is it in fact the loud cars? Does your dog bark, whimper, or put its tail in between its legs when you walk it in a certain area? If you think you’ve discovered where the real issue is sprouting from, remove your pet from that environment—go a different route, don’t take them to the park when there’s a lot of children playing, put him or her up in a different room when guest come etc. If you’ve located the source correctly and do your best to help your dog avoid situations that make him or her anxious, then you should see some sort of improvement.

Feed your Pup Oats

The kind of food your dog eats can also greatly improve or worsen your dog’s anxieties levels. Foods that are high in preservatives and artificial coloring can make your dog hyper (this is why children with ADD/ADHD are recommended to avoid them too. Not to mention that these kinds of foods can put your dog at a high risk of developing diseases, even cancer. You best bet is to buy a dog food that contains natural ingredients. Extra tip: The first ingredient needs to be something that you can actually pronounce, such as chicken, lean turkey etc. To help your dog relax a bit further however, stir in a spoonful of cooked oats—oatmeal has natural relaxing properties and is super healthy for your dog since it is packed with protein and soluble fiber.

Get a ThunderShirt

You might’ve seen them advertised on late night TV, but ThunderShirts are anti-anxiety vests designed for dogs. They’re safe to use—no kinds of shock therapy is used or anything. What they do is simply hug your dog’s body tightly so that it feels safe and secure; much like how a parent swaddles a fussy newborn baby. The same technology is used to calm down cattle. It’s definitely worth a try.

Control your Own Stress Level

Last but not least you need to make sure that your stress and anxiety is in check. Like mentioned before, dogs pick up on the slightest thing. If your scent is altered because you’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster lately, it may affect them too.  So resort to relaxing mechanisms such as getting a massage or taking a hot bath to get your own emotions in check. You may see a difference in your dog’s behavior.

Does anyone else have any other tips to help calm your dog?


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