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Link Between Pet Ownership and Pregnancy

Pets and Pregnancy
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Did you recently bring a pet into your life? Well get ready, because according to a recent survey by The Co-operative Insurance in England, that could mean a pregnancy is in your near future.

The figures show that almost half of young couples who buy a pet before having children will then have a baby on the way within a year.

Seems that pets teach people, especially young couples, how to be parents. The responsibilty and love that comes with owning a pet transfers easily to being a parent. And while most of the couples surveyed said they originally had no (or at least delayed) plans to start a family, owning a pet led them down that path anyway.

Whilst 22 per cent of these couples didn’t feel ready to have a child when they bought their pet, over a fifth said they bought the pet because they couldn’t afford to have a baby and 10 per cent said it was to put their parenting skills to the test and see if they could be responsible for something other than themselves.

From experience I can tell you that owning a pet is great practice for having a child. While nothing can truly prepare you for the ups and downs a child will bring into your life, the experience of owning a pet is definitely a place to start. Everything from heading home after work to take the dog out instead of heading to happy hour, or planning accomodations for your cat when you go on a quick work trip – everything gives you a small taste of the sacrifices and joys that come with parenthood.

How long after you brought a pet home did you start a family?

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