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My Experience as a First Time Pet Owner

My Pets and Me
Me and My Pets, Lola and Willy

Growing up my best friend’s mom had a Yorkshire terrier that went by the name of Bug. Bug was a loyal, loveable, and overall great companion to their family. When I was making the decision of what type of breed I wanted for my first dog I automatically thought back to Bug. After doing some research I came across Lola, my now two year old Yorkie. Lola has been such an amazing part of my life, even my boyfriend who always wanted a bigger breed automatically fell in love with Lola. The first traumatic experience we had was within the first two months of getting Lola. It was right after Christmas and she got into our stocking candy. They probably tasted delicious but she did not feel very good. We immediately rushed her to the animal hospital, keep in mind this was midnight, and she received emergency care in order to save her life. The vet told us that if we would have brought her in any later she might have not made it. This alone cost me five hundred dollars.

The next run in with the veterinary office was also not a happy one. In the beginning it seemed as if her legs would lock up and maybe her joints were popping out of place but it got progressively worse. The episodes became so bad she could not walk at all. When I brought her in I was informed Lola was actually experiencing seizures. The first step was to do blood work at my local vet and then I traveled all the way to a specialty place to do more blood work and urine tests. Nine hundred dollars later her blood and urine tests showed nothing abnormal. The vet then recommended doing an MRI so they could see what was going on with her brain. At that moment it was another 300 dollars and I decided she had had enough for one day but I let her stay at the clinic overnight just to make sure she could get immediate care if she needed it.

Currently Lola is very healthy; she went from having three episodes a month to three in a year. We have found that if she eats a proper diet and remains in a stress free environment she does a lot better. Being a pet owner has really opened my eyes to the joy and happiness a pet can bring but also the financial responsibility that comes along with owning an animal. I have found with our second Yorkie, Willy, it is important to do your research about not only the types of problems you can run across with certain breeds but also the breeder you are getting your puppy from. I talked to the breeder we got Willy from for a month before we decided to pick him up; I wanted to make sure he was coming from a reputable breeder. Willy is now 6 months old and has been a healthy, happy puppy but this time around we are going to seriously consider getting pet insurance because you simply don’t know what they will get into or what health problems they will end up having.

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