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Pet Allergies Occurring Earlier This Year

Last week I wrote about the mild weather bringing on an increased risk of tick bites. Not only does warmer weather bring ticks, but pet allergies as well, according to a recent article on abc news. Humans are aware of the itching, sneezing, and red eyes that inevitably come with the turn of spring, but veterinarians are noticing that it is also affecting our pets.

Though pets and humans experience allergies each year, Andy Mussoline, a spokesman for Accuweather, says it’s occurring much earlier this year.

“The Eastern two-thirds of the country are experiencing an especially high pollen count,” Mussoline said. “This is due to a combination of factors. Typically during normal springs, we have cold fronts moving through and changes in the wind. The fresh air pushes the allergens out. But now there aren’t many cold fronts moving through, which creates stagnant air. At the same time, the very warm weather has created a high pollen count earlier than usual.”

If allergies have reached your pet, you may notice a more frequent itching and sneezing. Treatments for pet allergies are similar to those of humans, such as allergy testing, shots, and antihistamines. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian to see what is best for your pet’s situation.

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