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Pets In The Workplace Reduce Stress

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I’ve noticed news articles have been cropping up on many large news websites recently such as NPR and Time about how employees experience reduced stress when there are pets at work. As a first-hand account, I can tell you that I completely agree.


The Trupanion offices have been pet-friendly ever since our CEO Darryl Rawlings brought his dog Charlie to work upon first expanding the company into the US. I have personally witnessed the growth from 3-4 dogs in the office daily to now around 25-30 dogs at our newer and much larger office building.

According to the various news articles covering the topic, a study at the Virginia Commonwealth University revealed that people who worked in dog-friendly offices experienced reduced levels of stress and increased job satisfaction. At the Trupanion offices, employees are lucky to enjoy these privileges.

As pet lovers, we can come up with hundreds of reasons why it’s great to own a pet, but new studies are giving our employers more and more reasons to allow pets in the workplace. Do you bring your pet to work, or do you wish that you could?

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