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Study: “Pretty” Pups Picked First

Are dog lovers shallow? According to a recent study, “physical appearance” was the number one reason given by prospective dog owners when adopting puppies from a pet shelter.

Cats, on the other hand, seem to be able to delve a little deeper, because potential cat adopters listed “behavior with people” as their most important quality when looking for a new cat.

Accorting to an article in Yahoo!, the study was conducted last year from January to May by the ASPCA. They collected data from about 1,500 potential pet owners at five different shelters nationwide. The survey questioned adopters about what they looked for in a new pet.

Aside from physical appearance and behavior with people, many pet owners indicated that they were looking for some sort of sign from their future pet. This supports previous research which states that animals that come to the front of their cages are more likely to become adopted. The first interaction between a potential pet and owner is also very important.

Researchers hope to use the results from the study to aid in increasing future shelter adoptions and enhance the likelihood of pets getting adopted.

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