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This Week in Testimonials – 4/13

My dog Jake recovering from GDV surgery. Thank you to trupanion for offering such wonderful coverage. My Jakey thanks you too! -Jamie D.


Thank You Trupanion for taking such great care of Major! -Melissa S.


Cash is so happy to learn he is now covered by Trupanion! 😀 -Kris K.


We love Trupanion. A couple years ago my newly adopted puppy needed an about $1700 Entropyion surgery after only 4 months of being enrolled–Trupanion completely followed thru, no arguments on my claim, very helpful and cheerful all the time when I talked to reps on the phone, and completely reimbursed me according to contract. We will never change from Trupanion! -Rhonda P.

Have all dogs covered and recently had to have our chi at the vet for 2 days,it was a comfort knowing the majority of the bill was covered. -Michelle S.

Thank you for taking care of our Jilly… Her surgery was a success. On to the healing stage! Couldn’t have done it without you guys. ♥. -Shawn M.

$18,000 dollars and counting…thank you Trupanion for helping me keep my Zoey!!! ♥ -Kelly W.

Piper using hydrotherapy to recover from a spinal injury/slipped discs. We have also used acupuncture, both with great success. Piper is recovering nicely! Thank you Trupanion. -Janet F.

Piper in hydrotherapy

Have Trupanion for all four of my dogs. Peace of mind! 🙂 -Terry M.

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