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This Week in Testimonials – 4/27

67% of the dogs in this picture are 90% covered with a 0% deductible. Trupanion insurance is AWESOME!  -Krystal S.

Bubbles, Heidi, Daisy Mae, Bella, Olivia, and Alice

Pesca is recovering fantastically!! Thank you for everything you do to help pet owners!!! <3 -@obsessivejules

2 clients yesterday said they wished they had gotten pet insurance when their pets were young. Great chance to talk about @Trupanion! 🙂 -@SouthforkAH

The past few weeks have been one of the most horrifying times for me. My English Mastiff Jake has bloated twice. The second time he twisted and had to have emergency surgery. With my last English Mastiff, I had VPI pet insurance. Today confirmed that I made the BEST POSSIBLE CHOICE to switch to Trupanion for my 2 new mastiffs. Your process is painless and your payouts are incredible. I have referred you to everyone I know (I do mastiff rescue). Worrying that my dog may not make it is not clouded by the cost associated with keeping him alive, thanks to Trupanion! -Amy M.

While Norah (5 1/2 Month Old Cavalier King Charles) is making her way to a healthy recovery, with Trupanion by her side every step of the way. -Sandy H.


You guys are the best. I have a 9 month old puppy who just spent 5 days in the hospital. You saved the day! She is doing well now and so am I thanks to your prompt and courteous attention to her claim. You rock Trupanion!!! -Linda F.

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