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This Week in Testimonials – 4/6

We have Trupanion. Great carrier for pets. -Marita M.

Great pet insurance company. -Kim S.

@Trupanion Thank you! Happy to be protected by you! #petinsurance -@vannylainesZOO

Sooooooooooooooo EVERYONE, if you dont have or dont know about Pet Insurance I would recommend you all to look into Trupanion Pet Insurance! So worried about my little Miss Norah and knowing that I have a little extra coverage has taken a huge weight off my shoulders!!!! -Sandy H.

I use and am VERY happy with Trupanion. Two years ago, they willingly insured my cat who was over the age that anyplace else would take and at a reasonable price. We also have our other, younger cat registered and recently added our new 3-month-old mixed large breed puppy.

Since then our older cat has developed Chronic Renal Failure. I don’t know if everyone gets the great service we did but they answered all my questions over the phone, confirmed receipt of my faxed claims, sent email confirmation within days that the claims were being processed, and we are now only $ 10 short of our deductible, which we chose to suit our needs. There were no surprise exceptions like in people insurance. They covered everything promised. My next claim will be eligible for reimbursement and I honestly expect no surprises and believe my experience will be just as positive as I’ve had so far. Feedback from my Vet on other of his clients who use them have all been positive. -JG

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