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Timmy’s Pet Insurance Story

The following message arrived in the Trupanion e-mail box last week:

I’m not sure who I should be addressing this to, but I just wanted to send a deeply sincere ‘Thank You’ for your support. I am a graduate student living paycheck to paycheck at the moment. My two cats mean the world to me, and knowing my financial situation would be a problem if one of them were to get hurt or sick was a huge stressor.

Purchasing insurance from Trupanion was the best decision I ever made. My youngest boy Timmy came down with stomatitis recently and was told that he would need to have some teeth removed. The vet bill ended up being hugely underestimated because ALL of his teeth were ultimately removed.

My experience with insurance companies (the human ones, at least!) in the past has not been very positive, so I was skeptical that Timmy’s illness would be covered. I seriously cried when I got the response that 90% (!!!) of the costs were covered. A few hundred dollars may not seem like a lot of money to most people, but to me it meant that I would be able to pay my rent, feed the cats and maybe have a meal for myself once in awhile.

I am happy to report that Timmy is back to his old self and has no problems eating all the food he can stomach! I also put in a positive review on petinsurancereview.com, something I rarely take the time to do. So thank you, so very very much for being so great. I truly appreciate it.

Amanda S.

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