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Trupanion Now Available in Idaho

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Trupanion is now available for dogs and cats in Idaho.

April 27, 2012 — Trupanion, the second-largest and fastest growing pet insurance provider, today announced an expansion into Idaho effective immediately. Pet owners living in Idaho can now enroll their cats and dogs online at Trupanion.com or by phone at 800.569.7913.

Trupanion has been working to become approved by the Idaho Department of Insurance since expanding into the United States from Canada in 2008. Trupanion is now active in 46 states, the District of Columbia, as well as all Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico.

“Pet owners often feel unprepared when their pet becomes unexpectedly sick or injured, and while they want to give their pet the best chance of recovery by taking advantage of sophisticated diagnostic and treatment options, the cost of these options are often outside a family’s budget,” said Darryl Rawlings, chief executive officer at Trupanion.  “Pet insurance helps with the cost of treatment, helping to ensure that pet owners can take advantage of the best diagnostic and treatment plans available, extending the pet’s quality of life and keeping the pet with the family, without as much financial strain.”

Trupanion differentiates itself from other pet insurance companies in the industry by operating under a core set of values that places the health of the pet first. Trupanion offers lifetime coverage for dogs and cats with a 90 percent reimbursement rate and no payout limits per claim, per year, or over the lifetime of the pet. Trupanion’s policy is easy to understand and simple to utilize at the time of care.

Trupanion also offers a wealth of information on dog and cat breeds on their website, including specific pet health concerns associated with each breed. Pet owners who are interested in learning more about their own breed of pet can visit breedguide.trupanion.com.

“As we expand into new states, we are able to meet the needs of more pet owners looking for health coverage at a reasonable cost,” said Rawlings. “We offer a unique product that hasn’t been available to these pet owners in the past and we look forward to adding them to our family.”

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