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Unique Pet Insurance Story: Recluse Spider Bite

Chelsea is an 11-year-old Golden Retriever who was insured with pet insurance just a few months ago. Unfortunately, she recently experienced symptoms of what is believed to be the bite of a recluse spider.

Recluse spiders have a particularly venomous bite which destroys tissue. Their bite can cause open sores as large as a bottle cap and the wounds take a long time to heal. To get an idea of how nasty their bites can be, just do a quick internet search for “recluse spider.” Be warned – they can be quite gruesome!

Chelsea’s initial bite caused a very serious lesion which became infected. She went to the veterinary clinic in such poor condition that veterinarians were worried that Chelsea would lose her leg, if not even her life. She spent two weeks at the clinic receiving care and fortunately, she survived and did not need to have her leg amputated.

We commend Chelsea and her owner for being so brave during such a scary time. Insect and snake bites can be very serious which is why it’s very fortunate that Chelsea was insured at the time.

Total reimbursed: $4,301.95

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