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Blind Golden Retriever Has Seeing Eye Dog

Photo by Woodland West Animal Hospital

Humans aren’t the only ones who may need a companion seeing eye dog. Tanner the 10-year-old Golden Retriever has been blind since birth and also suffers from epileptic seizures. He now has his very own guide dog, Blair, the one-year-old Black Lab.

Blair and Tanner met and easily bonded in the play yard of the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Oklahoma. Both dogs were without homes since Tanner’s adoptive owner recently passed away and Blair was found as a stray.

The veterinarian considered euthanasia for Tanner since his epilepsy episodes had become more frequent since his separation from his owner. However, after witnessing the growing bond between the dogs, there was no way that he could separate the two. Blair is able to tell Tanner where to go by pulling on his leash.

The pair is up for adoption at the Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue and offers have been pouring in, reports CNN. View their report below:

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