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College Students as Pet Owners

Amber with her Yorkshire Terriers
Amber is a college student and Trupanion intern who has brought two adorable Yorkshire Terriers into her family.

Whether you grow up with pets or have simply always wanted a pet and have never had the opportunity, its inevitable that you will start thinking of getting your own pet once you move away from home. Many college students fall into this category, and the idea of owning a pet while attending college was discussed in a recent article on Fox Business.

The main point in the article was that college students should approach the prospect of getting a pet with caution. They need to truly understand all the responsibility that comes with owning a pet, and not focus entirely on the emotional aspect.

Here are some tips outlined in the article:

  • Consider the cost of the pet. The article quotes, stating that the yearly cost of having a dog can range from $360 to $2,520 or more. Choosing to adopt instead of purchasing from a breeder can decrease the initial cost, but veterinary expenses and pet food and supplies need to be factored into the budget on a yearly basis.
  • Research pet insurance. The article encourages pet owners to do their research when it comes to pet insurance, if that is of interest. Of course, I would add that pet insurance is even more essential for a college student on a budget, that won’t have the funds available to pay for emergency care.
  • Prepare for a lifestyle change. Pets require attention and potty breaks, so heading straight to a friend’s house from class won’t work when a pet is in the picture.
  • Involvement in the Pet Community. There are many ways a pet gets people involved in the community. This can be a wonderful thing, but also comes with new commitments. It is also important to tap into the pet community to find pet sitters and veterinary clinic recommendations.

Did you own a pet while attending college? What was your experience?

Read the full article here.

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