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Crazy Pet Owners – Honorable Mentions

This past week, we learned just how devoted as pet owners that you all are! I was surprised to see how many people throw special birthday parties for their pets or feed them gourmet food and filtered water. While our winner will be chosen at random, I still wanted to feature some of my favorite crazy pet owner habits.

  • My cats run to meet me when I walk into the house every night and before anything else is done, I drop everything and snuggle with them (ahead of my husband or daughter) -Rhonda N.
  • My husband feeds Shotzy, our long haired doxie, the peanut butter in Ritz peanut butter crackers. She doesn’t like the crackers so they are eaten by us or go to the trash.  She also likes to ride on our lawnmower, 4-wheeler, scooter and golf cart so we have baskets on all of them. -Vicky
  • Luna’s 1st. Birthday was huge! All of her friends were invited, we created doggie games, and I spent nearly three weeks custom making the party decorations. She had a princess castle, “pup cakes”, and doggie bags for all of her guests to go home with. -Shannon H.
  • I just came home from Disney and brought home kid t- shirts for my two boston terriers and a mans shirt for my black lab…..and nothing for anyone else…. -Kelly M.
  • I love my dogs and I LOVE to dress them up for the holidays… Easter, 4th of July, St Pattys, Halloween, Christmas. We even baked a cake for their first Birthday and they got party hats and streamers.  -Rayna P.

  • I have my camera with me at all times, so I take dozens of pictures of my dogs and cats every week. I have thousands accumulated. All my dogs and cats have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, where they comment on the various postings. -Susan W.
  • My Great Dane has a wider selection of winter coats than I do (plus boots, which are less than necessary in NC). -Lara K.
  • We have lead crystal glasses for our beloved cat, Mimar, to drink her water from. There’s one on the table by the couch where she sits with (or on) us, and one on the nightstand by the bed, where she sleeps with us. There’s also one for the car when she travels with us (she likes traveling with Mom and Dad!).  And, of course, she gets only filtered or bottled water! -Diana T.
  • Lucia (an Italian Greyhound) has seven pairs of pyjamas, one for every night of the week. -Stephen J.


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