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Do Americans Put Too Much Emphasis on Their Furry Friends?

Trupanion dog Tank is quite spoiled with his own wardrobe, a plush dog bed, and many, many toys.

Recently an article published on Sit News in Ketchikan, Alaska claimed humans are putting too much priority on their pets. The author said we are wasting money on things such as dog psychics, gourmet pet foods, personal trainers and weight-loss programs. Throughout the article the author maintains he is a dog lover but expresses his opinion that there should be an obvious separation line between the two species. He uses a very direct example to stress his opinion:

I love dogs as much as the next fellow, but if I saw a drowning child next to a drowning dog and could save only one, the choice would be obvious.

He continues to poke fun at dog owners in the next sentence:

But I’m not so sure it would be obvious to everyone these days. Some might save the dog – then hire a psychic to apologize to the kid.

If this is not enough he argues that dogs do not have souls:

We think today that our dogs have souls that live on after their physical bodies cease to work and exist. But I don’t think dogs have souls, and I offer proof.

He goes on to say:

When was the last time you saw a dog at confession? (“Forgive me, Father, but I doodied on the living room rug.)

It is regrettable that he feels so strongly against the love and admiration we give our dogs. I feel that putting a generalization on dog owners and the way they treat them is unfair. Dogs give so much to us and there is nothing wrong with giving back. It is true they keep one paw in their world and one in ours but that shouldn’t stop us from providing them with healthy food, pet insurance, and exercise.  Dogs play such an integral part in their owner’s lives and what harm is it doing anyone to believe their beloved pets live on? What do you think? Do we sometimes put too much priority on our pets?

Read the full article here.

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2 Responses to Do Americans Put Too Much Emphasis on Their Furry Friends?

  1. CW Thompson says:

    I kind of agree with the guy some. I think way too time, feelings, and money are invested in some people’s dogs. I won’t get into the metaphysics of it, but animals are property. They are not people.

    Just today it turned my stomach to hear about a restaurant giving an animal a free meal for every meal a person bought! Wow, seems to me some homeless people could really do with a meal.

    In my hometown, new cycle after news cycle was spent on a dog that was burned to death by some local hoodlums, yet at the same time local soldiers are being killed in overseas wars all the time with only a mention. Not to mention the countless unborn children being aborted everyday. We really put more stock in a puppy than an unborn fetus?

    I like dogs, but they are not people.

    • Amber says:

      Thank you so much for responding and we value your opinion. Our blog posts are designed to be engaging and we are eager to hear differing opinions. We agree that there are horrible things going on in the world that need to be addressed. We also believe that pets are an important and valuable part of our lives and provide a comfort to us with all the turmoil going on in the world. We can address the turmoil in the world while also enjoying and loving our furry companions – let’s do both.

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