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Dog Returned After 2 Years Thanks to Microchip

Photo by HomeAgain

There are many ways that we can keep our pets safe and protected including regular veterinary visits, a healthy diet, and pet insurance. However, a tiny microchip can be an invaluable tool in protecting your pet and ensuring that he or she returns home if they ever become lost.

According to HomeAgain, one microchip provider, about 10,000 pets are found each month! Chewie the Peekapoo is just one of these dogs who was recently found after being reported lost from his home two years ago.

One night while Anita and her husband were out to dinner, their other dog Jack opened a door and allowed Chewy to escape. While Jack didn’t stray far, Chewie was off and the family hoped he would soon make his way back home. Time passed with no signs of Chewie so they assumed that another family must have found and adopted their dog.

Though the family had moved from Arizona to California, they kept their address up-to-date and recently received a phone call– two years after Chewie’s disappearance– from HomeAgain letting them know that their dog was found. As you can imagine, Anita was clearly surprised and the family packed up and headed back to Arizona to pick up Chewy.

Chewy appeared in good health, having gained a little weight yet lost a few teeth, and he even still recognized Anita’s voice after all that time! This story is a wonderful example of the importance of microchips and identification for pets so that we can be sure they will always make their way back home if they become lost.

Do you have a good lost and found pet story?

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