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Dog Saves Owner From Oncoming Train

Those of us who are true animal lovers know how incredible pets can be. In recent news, a Pit Bull named Lilly in Massachusetts saved her owner from an oncoming freight train by pulling her off the tracks.

The woman fell unconscious onto the train tracks late at night. The train’s engineer said he spotted the woman and the dog on the tracks just after midnight. While he was trying to stop the train, Lilly was saving her owner’s life by pulling her off the tracks.

Fearing that he had hit them both, the engineer quickly got out to survey the situation. He found that the woman was unharmed while Lilly the dog was not so lucky. Lilly experienced bad trauma to her right front leg.

Lilly survived the ordeal and after two surgeries and the loss of her leg, she will learnt o adjust living as a tri-pawed.

This just goes to emphasize how strong the bond between a human and their beloved furry friend can be. Has your pet ever been a hero?

Read the full story on abc news.

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