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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Illness

10/10 Illness
Your Insurance and those processing the claims were indeed stupendous. I have not had Pet Ins. on my other dogs and due to the recommendation of my Vet I called your Rep. After getting information from him, I could not pass up the opportunity to enroll my pet. Was very surprised how concerned you are about the health of my pet and the processing of the claims. Both Nick (dog) and I thank you. Nick is very much feeling better from his gastro/int. illness. I have recommended and praised your insurance

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2 Responses to Featured Pet Insurance Review – Illness

  1. Dee says:

    I would like to know what is your company’s policy on pre existing illness. I signed my dog up for another insurance, at the time my dog had a heart murmer. Now the murmer has progress into valve disease and the insurance company will not cover it. They also would not cover a skin ailment because when he was a pupply he got water in his ears after he was groomed and had yeast… they considered skin allergies the same as the yeast in his ears.
    I have not been able to collect for anything since I purchased the policy.
    Please let me know your company policy on these issues.

    • Stacy says:

      Hi Dee,
      If your dog had heart murmur prior to insurance coverage (meaning he developed it before signing up for insurance or during the waiting periods) then it would be considered pre-existing by all pet insurance providers and any treatment for heart murmur and symptoms related to it would not be eligible for coverage.
      If your dog were to develop a one-time condition such as an ear infection prior to coverage and it completely cleared up, then new ear conditions would be eligible for coverage if the old condition was clear and symptom free for at least 18 months prior to insurance coverage. I hope this helps, but please feel free to give us a call and ask more questions! 800-569-7913
      Social Media Manager

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