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Tru Interview: Greg with Lola and Willy

Continuing the Tru Interview Series we have Greg, who introduces us to his two Yorkshire Terriers, Lola and Willy. 

Lola and Greg
Greg and sweet Lola.

What is your background? How are you involved with pets?
I am 26 year old male. I currently live with my girlfriend and two Yorkies.

Do you have pets of your own? What are their stories?
My girlfriend and I have two Yorkies – one female and one male. The female, Lola, is around two and a half years old. The male, Willy, is only six months old. They are polar opposites. Lola is dainty and prissy, but definitely a sweetheart. Willy loves everybody and is always into something.

What is your favorite dog breed and why? Cat breed?
Growing up, I had large breed dogs – a black lab and a golden retriever. Although, at this point in my life, it’s nice to have small indoor dogs that can always keep me company and are easy to clean up after. I like all animals, including cats, but I don’t care to own one.

Do you tend to give your pets human names (i.e. Sophia, George) or pet names (i.e. Bandit, Shadow)?
I don’t really have a tendency even though both of our current pets have human names. It really depends on the animal – their personality, physical attributes, etc. Also, I think Bandit is a great name for a human.

If your dog/cat was a human, what do you think his/her profession would be?
Willy is kind of a free spirit and he likes the outdoors – despite his size. I could see him being content with selling tee shirts on the beach in Mexico. Speaking of beaches, Lola loves the sun. She only likes to go outside when it’s warm and sunny – and frankly I don’t blame her. Anyway, I can’t see Lola ever having a job. She is always playing hard to get and I am sure she would attract some successful man that would take care of her. I could see her lying by the pool and sipping on a Mojito, but that’s about it.

Who is your favorite TV/movie animal (i.e. Snoopy, the Geico gecko, Lady or the Tramp)?
Monkeys are my favorite animal and I always liked reading “Curious George” books when I was a kid.

A big thank you to Greg for sharing his story! If you are interested in participating in the Tru Interview Series, please email me at

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