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Happy Mother’s Day from Trupanion

Today is a day to celebrate moms! And whether you have pets, children, or both – we want to celebrate YOU and thank you for being such a great mom to everyone in your life – the furry family members included. We wish you lots of hugs from your two-legged kids and sloppy licks from your four-legged kids, and hopefully some pampering from the other people in your life.

To add a little giggle into your special day, check out these fun photos you can relate to as a mom.

Fun cat picture

Fun dog picture

Fun Dog Picture

Fun Cat Picture

And finally, the video that inspired ‘awwwwww’s all around the world – the ultimate mom move – snuggling your baby when they are having a bad dream.

Happy Mother’s Day!

All photos and video courtesy of http://icanhascheezburger.com.

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