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Man Spends $60,000 In Dog Custody Battle

How far would you go for your beloved pet? One man was willing to shell out $60,000 of his life savings and more for custody of his Puggle dog, Knuckles.

Craig Dershowitz and his ex girlfriend of four years adopted Knuckles as a puppy two years ago. After their recent break-up, Craig’s ex took Knuckles with her cross-country to California. Craig was under the impression that the situation was temporary while he found a new place to live but quickly learned otherwise when she refused to return the dog.

Now Craig is pursuing a legal battle costing him $60,000 of his own money and further funds which he is in the process of raising through his website. He is confident and hopeful that he and Knuckles will be reunited again soon.

How much would you be willing to spend for your pet?

Read the full article and see the link to his website.

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