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Online Dating has Gone to the Dogs

Screen shot of MatchPuppy

It seems like the world is becoming more and more pet-centric each day, as evidenced by a recent article on msnbc about online dating for dogs.

While the article isn’t truly talking about finding a life partner for your dog, it does mention some pretty innovative ideas about how you and your dog can meet new people.

One mentioned site is MatchPuppy, based out of New York. The website, currently in Beta, hopes to help you and your dog meet new friends in the neighborhood. The site goes beyond geographical location and actually matches up dogs based on size, age, and energy level.

The other site is called Spotwag and it’s a service to help find pet sitters in your area. The company is based in San Francisco and it uses your Facebook network to find potential pet sitters among people you may already know. The service is not exclusive to dogs and suggests that it is a better alternative to leaving beloved pets at a kennel.

Because online social networking is becoming more integrated into our lives, it only makes sense to use it to assist our “offline” lives as well. Would you and your pet use any of these types of services?

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One Response to Online Dating has Gone to the Dogs

  1. Heather says:

    I could see using a site like this to find a doggie playdate in my area. Especially if I was new to the area. I use Meetup quite extensively to find playdates with groups of dogs, so why not something like this? Plus, if it matches energy level, I can be assured my active dog will be paired with another active dog and not a shy puppy. I bet it actually helps keep incidents of injuries down.

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