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Pet-Friendly Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Photo via AP

Is your dog or cat afraid of your vacuum cleaner? The newest house-cleaning gadget named Cocorobo hopes to solve this problem!

This Roomba-like vacuum cleaner roams your house in the same manner as the Roomba but is much smarter. It understands voice commands in multiple languages and currently knows about 30 phrases.

Cocorobo can vacuum for about an hour on its battery before it needs recharging. But you don’t have to plug it in– Cocorobo will return to its charging station and recharge itself! (It will even download software updates while charging)

The vacuum which has infrared sensors and echolocation to detect obstacles also has cameras which detect your pet! It will send photos of your pet via cloud technology to your smartphone. Because it avoids obstacles, it will also avoid running into your ‘fraidy cat or dog. This vacuum will go on sale in Japan and China later this summer for around $1,600.

Does this sound like the kind of addition your household needs?

Read the original article at WSJ.

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