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Rossi the Black Lab’s Pet Insurance Story

From left to right: Rossi, Chance, Streak

Good Day,

I just wanted to send out an email to everyone at Trupanion for the excellent service and help I have received from everyone I have dealt with. I have three Labrador Retrievers that I have dog insurance on and had hoped to never have to use it as we just signed on for all our pets last year when we got our new pup.

We were not so lucky it has been a hard road for our poor year old pup Rossi who has been one sick little guy. It started when he was about 8 months old and we went to get pre-panel tests for his neutering. Our vet called us and said they did not want to do the neutering at this time as his creatin levels were so high that he might be in renal failure. Our hearts sank, then started the testing where the test were then negative, then positive, ultrasound showed nothing but he was losing weight and failing to thrive.

Then about a month ago we thought everything was okay because he had consistently had negative tests. Then he crashed and he wouldn’t stop vomiting and had diarrhea the vet did not think he would make it through the night and then the next day he was fine we rushed him to a vet hospital.

As a result we have figured out he probably has “atypical addisons” We never would have been able to afford to help our little guy without the help of insurance he is doing okay now but, has a hard road ahead for him but he has an aw. Now as luck would have it we took our other two dogs in for shots and the vet found a cancerous lump on our eight year old male and he just had surgery today.

I must say we have struggled with our pups but all of you at Trupanion have been caring, compassionate, and timely about helping us out and I just needed for you to know how thankful and grateful my husband and I are to all of you, as our pups are our life as we have no children and everything about dealing with Trupanion has been easy.  We thank you for that, as I am sure you don’t hear that enough. Please pass this along to all to read even your website!!


Brent, Angela, Rossi, Streak, and Chance Miller

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