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This Week in Testimonials – 5/18

Thought I’d share our testimonial: As a 33 year old woman, I’m often asked, “Do you have children?” My reply is always the same, “I have two four-legged children!”. Copper and Red (rescue mixed breeds, 5 and 3 respectively) are my babies, and I would do anything for them. My husband and I had been planning to get pet health insurance for years. These things are easy to postpone, given the hardships of the economy, the difficulty of choosing a policy, and the general distrust that insurance companies tend to engender. Investing in a health insurance policy (human and pet alike) can be like buying a lottery ticket. You spend the money, hoping that it will pay off when you need it, knowing that it’s a crap shoot. Most companies look for every excuse to deny a claim. I urge you not to delay another day. We made the leap and chose Trupanion over the competitors, based on the recommendation of our trusted family vet, Capeway Veterinary Hospital. Our little “Red One” just barely squeaked by the waiting period when he ruptured his ACL and medial meniscus while running around in the woods. I was so convinced that Trupanion would deny his claim, it was a complete shock when they reimbursed over $1500 of his knee surgery within a week of filling out the paperwork. What’s more, they treated me like a human mommy caring for her child. They were compassionate and sincerely pleased to be able to give Red what he needed to recover. Trupanion has joined our trusted “family”. In a world where integrity is hard to come by and quality of care takes a backseat to the fast buck, I can recommend this company without hesitation. Red has the chance to live a full, healthy, pain-free life as a direct result. And we will be forever grateful.

Sara and Martin R.
(Copper and Red’s folks)


Claim came through today! Thanks Trupanion : ) -Angela F.

I just want to thank you for being wonderful pet insurance providers. We are in the middle of several surgeries with our sweet 18 month old yellow lab, and thanks to you, we can focus on getting him fixed up instead of how we are going to pay for his treatment. I have heard horror stories from friends who have other providers, and I am so glad we went with you guys! -Ashley J.

This insurance has been a TRUE gift to me! 3 dogs and they have paid 90% of my bills almost totaling 15,000.00. I am TRULY thankful. -Sandra A.

Thank you for all of the great service. You are making the illness of my pet so much easier to deal with. Atticus say Thank you. -Blaine P.


FANTASTIC experience w/@Trupanion Pet Insurance – quick, easy, no loopholes, just up-front coverage as promised so my dog gets well! -@LadyRadagast

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