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This Week in Testimonials – 5/4

Pet owners need insurance. So glad @trupanion covers my Lucy. She spent 5 days in the hospital & now on antibiotics. YIKES!!!. -@realcougarwoman

Max & I are thankful for Trupanion. They truly do pay 90% of my actual vet bill. Max has already had 2 knee surgeries and I have no idea how I would have paid it with our Trupanion. Thank You from Max & I -Patricia C.


I am currently with trupanion and it has saved me thousands of dollars when my dog Sweetheart was sick and when she was rushed into surgery for a twisted stomach. -Dolly F.

So happy to be with Trupanion! -Christine B.

My poor puppy was bitten on the ear requiring stitches and antibiotics. This happened on a Wednesday and I received my check in the mail the following Tuesday. Wow fantastic service Trupanion. Thankyou -Doug A.

Every pet owner has bitched at least once about how insanely expensive their last vet bill was…and then they laugh at me when I say I have Trupanion Pet Insurance…well…we just got back $1000 from our $1200 vet bill…now we just have to keep Ellie away from mushrooms and rocks! Damn goldens! -Molly D.

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