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Fat Camp for Pudgy Pets

You’ve heard of “fat camps” for overweight kids, but a new company in Oregon brings you fat camp for your pudgy pet! Following the trends of human obesity, the rates of overweight pets continue to rise in the United States. One company has the mind to combat these ever-increasing numbers by taking your chubby pet and exercise him back into shape!

Indigo Ranch in Veronia, Oregon offers ‘Doggie Fat Camp’ in four or eight-week stretches for your overweight dog. Their 16-acre ranch offers a special diet and exercise program to help pets slim down and return to a healthy weight.

Photo courtesy KVAL.com

Ozzie, pictured, is a Rat Terrier who weighs nearly double the normal weight of his breed. Ozzie weighs in at 46.2 pounds (a healthy weight would be 25 pounds) and this is due to overfeeding of treats and table scraps. When he goes to Doggie Fat Camp, he’ll have a healthy diet of lean protein and no grains. Ozzie will also work into an exercise regimen starting with one walk per day.

Four weeks at doggie camp costs $800 plus the cost of food and eight weeks costs $1,600 plus food. While it may sound pricey, it certainly beats the cost to treat preventable weight-related health conditions that a pet may endure.

Read the original article from KVAL.com.

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