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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Fantastic Service from Trupanion

9/10 Fantastic Service from Trupanion
My cat had gastroenteritis, and had to receive urgent madical care, which cost $437.50. I submitted my very first claim to Trupanion for these medical fees. What fantastic service and response I received from Trupanion! The entire claim process was very easy. I spoke directly to a Trupanion agent who guided me through the claim process and all the necessary documents that had to be submitted. It took a total of one week to do all of the following: (1)get the medical records for my cat, (2) post them to Trupanion,(3) have them verified by Trupanion, (4)then Trupanion sent an email with a favorable response, indicating my cheque was on the way! So within two weeks from submitting the claim I was reimbursed $346.95 for all eligible costs!!! If only medical insurance for humans could be so easy!! Thank you Trupanion for assisting in my medical expenses for my little fluffy friend!

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