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Guest Post: Foster Homes for Pets


Children are not the only ones in need of a foster home. Pets need foster homes too! It might sound strange when you hear “foster homes for pets”, but they are important for recovering pets. Fostering a pet can be an emotional, yet rewarding experience. Animal hospitals and humane societies are often in huge need of foster homes for pets.

What is a pet foster parent?

A pet foster parent is expected to provide a loving environment for pets until they have recovered from an injury, or are ready to be adopted. Foster parents are responsible for providing the love and care that the pet needs. This includes food, water, shelter, taking the pet to doctor’s appointments etc. As a foster parent it is an emotional ride caring for a pet and having to give it up. However, it is a rewarding experience in the end to provide love for an animal that can’t get it elsewhere.

Why pets need a foster home?

The reasons pets are in need of a foster home varies from ill pets to pets that are simply not ready to be adopted yet. If a pet is ill, the best home for them to be in is a quiet one, with no children or other animals. Sometimes pets that need foster homes have broken bones, cancer, or are recovering from a surgery. Sick animals are not the only ones in need of a foster home. An animal that has been shaved for surgery and has a scar may scare away adopters. The pet can stay at a foster home until its fur grows back in. Nursing animals are also in need of foster homes. They stay until their youngsters are big enough to be adopted into homes or also until the mom was recovered. Animals that have been neglected in the past may need a foster home at first. Usually pets that have been neglected or abused are very timid and need some time to adjust to other people.

How to become a pet foster home

There are many organizations that are in need of foster parents. To become a pet foster parent contact your local humane society or animal rescue organization. Usually there will be an interview first. After the interview, training and orientation may follow depending on the organization.  Pets deserve a chance just like we do. Help give them the care and love they need by becoming a pet foster parent.

Krystal Carvalho is the Social Media Guide at Ross Insurance Agency. She lives in Ludlow Massachusetts and is heading into her fourth year of college, as a Communications major. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family and friends. Dance is one of her passions, she danced for sixteen years; jazz, tap and ballet. She also loves to travel and spend time by the water as much as she can!

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