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New Benefits Available for New York Pet Owners

Piper, Trupanion Dog
Piper, a Trupanion dog from New York, New York, now has more options for coverage.

Last week we announced some exciting news for pet owners in New York – several new pet insurance benefits were approved by the New York Department of Insurance and are now available to current and new Trupanion policyholders.

First, New York pet owners now have the option of adding our Complementary Care package to their policy. Our complementary care package includes coverage for veterinary-recommended acupuncture, hydrotherapy, behavioral modification, and physical therapy, as well as coverage for hip dysplasia and feline kidney transplants.  Until now, hip dysplasia was the only optional therapy available to these pet owners.

Second, New York pet owners now have the option of categorizing their pet as a “working pet” to receive complete coverage for all accidents and illnesses not considered pre-existing. Pets categorized as working pets under the Trupanion policy are: service and therapy dogs; law enforcement dogs; search and rescue dogs; herding, hunting, and sled dogs; guard dogs; and breeding cats and dogs. Previously, accidents and illnesses related to activities performed by working pets were excluded from coverage because of their higher probability to occur. For example, gunshot wounds can occur in dogs used in law enforcement and treatment, including X-rays, surgery, and post-surgical care, can cost thousands of dollars. Formerly excluded from coverage, this treatment is now covered under the expanded policy. An additional premium factor will apply for these pets and pet owners must specify at the time of enrollment which working activities their pet is involved in.

Finally, New York pet owners can now receive coverage for half the cost of therapeutic pet food purchased through a veterinarian to assist in the care of a pet for two months, as well as nutritional supplements purchased through a veterinarian for the treatment of an illness or injury. Therapeutic pet food and nutritional supplements can help improve the health of pets with a variety of conditions, from joint heath to skin health and are often recommended by veterinarians. Until now, the cost of these foods and supplements was always an out-of-pocket expense for pet owners, but Trupanion policyholders will now be able to recover these costs in their core coverage.

Trupanion continually works to be able to offer all pet owners the freedom to pursue the best course of treatment for their pet, so we are happy to be able to expand our scope of coverage to include these new options for our policyholders.

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