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Our BlogPaws Adventure and Pictures

Last weekend, my coworker Michelle and I had the pleasure of flying to Salt Lake City, UT for the fourth annual BlogPaws conference!

If you’ve never heard of it, BlogPaws is a two-day convention in which pet lovers, pet bloggers, and pet businesses gather to discuss blogging ideas and tips, social media, and networking. The best part is that it’s completely pet-centric!

We had a great time learning about new pet products and meeting many of the faces that we recognize through Twitter and blogs. Here are some of our pictures from the event.

The welcome speeches
Flat cats at dinner on the first night
Meeting Paige the YouTube famous Border Collie
Tillman the famous skateboarding dog
All of the dogs were so well-behaved during the sessions!
Our pets weren't able to attend so we brought our flat pets to play!
Romance formed between these two pups during the Twitter session

If you are interested in joining us at BlogPaws next year, check out blogpaws.com and we hope to see you in Tyson’s Corner, VA!

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