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Pet of the Week: Indiana Jones

This week, we would like you to meet Indiana!

His favorite place is to sleep on the bed with his hind leg on his dog sister California’s head (Cali for short), his favorite toy is anything stuff so he can tear it open and pull out the stuffing. He likes to walk himself so he holds his own leash when he walks. His nicknames are Indy, Indiana Jones and Mr. Jones. His favorite treats are beggin strips and Bully sticks. Indiana loves to do tricks, he does the army crawl, he rolls over, he shakes and says yes when you ask him a question.

Indiana was rescued from Clearlake California, he was about 6 months old when we rescued him. He was food aggressive and they think he was being raised as a guard dog for a dealer in that area because of where he was found and his mannerisms (at the time).

Now Indy is content no food aggression, he and his sister California even eat out of the same bowl, they play together he lets her have her way even when they play. During play he will throw himself on the ground and let her drag him from room to room, he grabs her collar and leads her around the back yard to drive her crazy and he loves to snuggle which is a big thing for him because he didn’t like to be held when we first brought him home.

Mr. Jones is 9 months old, he weighs 78 pounds he is a Dachshund-Rottweiler mix and we couldn’t ask for a better dog…well his sister is a love and is the side kick for the world’s best dog.

Thanks so much, April, for sharing Indie’s story. He looks like a big ball of love and you are certainly lucky to have found each other! 🙂

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