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Pet Paws Honorable Mentions

We love your paws! This past week, our giveaway collected your adorable paw pictures. We received a wide variety of pictures with all kinds of different paw shots. Take a look at some of our favorites below!

Closeup Dog's Paw pads Trupanion
Close up – Cody, sent in by Lynn G.
Big-eared gray kitten waving paw Trupanion
Kitty paws – Winston, sent in by Heidi P.
Close up sleeping Beagle puppy
Puppy paws – Buckley, sent in by Alaina P.
Sleeping cat's paws peaking from under blanket Trupanion
Just paws – sent in by Stefanie S.
puppy dog butt back paws tail
Back paws – Isobella, sent in by Kris M.
Brindle coat boxer with pink toenails Trupanion
Manicured paws – Maisy, sent in by Tracy C.
Dog paws hanging off the couch Trupanion
All four paws – Jag, sent in by Sherry R.
2 dogs sleeping on the couch Trupanion
Big paws and little paws – Cassius and Magnus, sent in by Andrea P.
Cat and dog touching outstretched paws Trupanion
Dog paws and cat paws – Sent in by Susan W.
Bulldog asleep on couch Trupanion
Sleepy paws – sent in by Eric M.
Rottweiler pup alseep with paws outstretched Trupanion
Puppy paws – Cujo, sent in by Lisa K.
Cat asleep with paws dangling off bed Trupanion
Sleepy kitty paws – Milo, sent in by Gerry E.
2 dog butts while laying side by side with spotted paws Trupanion
Bully butts and paws – Jake and Betty, sent in by Crystal
Close up cat paw with 7 toes Trupanion
Seven-toed paws – Jasper

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