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Take Your Dog or Cat to Work Next Friday

Riley the Trupanion office dog

A week from today is Take Your Dog (or cat) To Work Day! Pet Sitters International first celebrated this fur-friendly workday in 1999 and have enjoyed ‘TYDTW Day’ every year since.

Pets continue to become more integrated into our lives as furry family members, so why not celebrate our love for pets by asking them to accompany us to the office?

The Trupanion office has been pet-friendly for over three years, allowing employees to bring their well-behaved dogs and cats into work. Over that time, we have learned what it really means to be a pet-friendly workplace and have developed an efficient system of guidelines for office dogs and cats so that everyone gets along and can enjoy their day.

We have also learned a lot about office ‘petiquette’ and have written various articles on the topic. Here are some things to consider when bringing your pet into work:

Are you going to bring your pet to work next week?

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