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The Next Benji

Walden Media is teaming up with writer, director and producer Brandon Camp to recreate the movie “Benji”. Also joining the team is Mark Forbes, a well-known animal trainer who has worked on blockbuster movies such as “We Bought a Zoo” and “Marley and Me”.

If you are unfamiliar with the Benji movie it was about a stray dog that saved two kidnapped children. The original movie was produced in 1974 by Brandon Camp’s father, Joe Camp, and featured Benji as a scruffy golden mutt. The movie has a happy ending as Benji finds his forever home.

The Movie
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

As the recreation begins there is a hunt for a new star and Walden Media is using social media as a tool to find the next Benji. They have created a Facebook page so that pet owners and shelter staff can post pictures and videos of the dogs they think have the potential to be the next leading pooch.

The original Benji was discovered at an animal shelter in California and to make sure shelters are still included in the hunt, the Benji filmmakers are searching animal shelters nationwide for a potential candidate. In addition to searching animal shelters Walden Media is connecting with talent agencies and dog trainers.

These are big paws to fill and the new star must have the looks, onscreen charm, and ability to deal with management. Does your pooch have what it takes to be the next Benji?

Find out by submitting your pet here: Official Facebook Page

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