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The Peculiar Things Your Pets Do

Ever wonder why your furry friend participates in their unusual rituals every day? There is most likely a reason that resonates beneath their actions and it doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Whether it originates from their wild like instincts or something they adopted at an early age, we will try to explain just a few:

Cats and their silly habit of drinking from dripping faucets:

Before our feline friends were domesticated they drank from moving water. They know internally that still water can be full of germs and potentially make them sick. So thanks to their ancient ancestors our domesticated cats like to drink out of the faucet!

Blog post about Peculiar pet habits
Charlie, the Trupanion office dog, is showing off his sleeping habits.

One of my favorites and something I see my dog do every day, circling and digging before lying down:

Well, similar to the previous section this habit also derives from their wild canine cousins. They are not accustomed to the soft and fluffy beds we have for our beloved dogs and instead they flatten protruding twigs and dig holes to help protect them from the outdoor elements. So if you see this happening and wonder what in the world, now you understand. 

Cats and dogs alike are commonly found eating grass:

Well simply put, some just like the taste. Many people think eating grass indicates  malnutrition but that is not true. However eating grass can cause nausea for a brief amount of time.

Ever have a surprise waiting for you on your front door step?

Well we have an explanation for you:

Cats often leave dead prey on the doorstep in order to show their love and affection for their owners. It is not only a way of sharing what they consider their “fun plaything” with you but it is also a way of showing their wish to feed you. So next time you see this on your doorstep thank them kindly then discreetly discard it.

Night vision, why cats can see so well in the dark:

Inside of their eyeballs is a reflective layer called the tapetum lucidum that is similar to a mirror. It allows them to reproduce and exaggerate the minuscule rays of light that enter the eye. This permits them to have extra sharp eyesight in the dark.

Hopefully this article gives a little more insight to understanding why our pets do the things they do and even though it might still be a little silly to watch at least there is reasoning behind it.

What sorts of peculiar stunts do your pets pull off?

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