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This Week in Testimonials – 6/1

Really, really glad I got @Trupanion pet insurance. Hank tried to eat 2 rocks, chase 2 joggers and 3 cars tonight on his walk. #SafetyFirst -@SusanMizera

Thank you so responding to my claims so quickly, and helping me to take care of my adored pets! I wish I would have started out with your insurance company INSTEAD of VPI.


Thank you, Trupanion. You processed my claim with speed and have saved me from having to sell a Kidney to pay for my baby’s knee surgery! -Valerie S.

The best & most reasonable pet insurance available & I’ve researched many. Hopefully, you will not have to use it but if you do it is great to have. -Patricia P.

I want to say thanks to all you folks at Truepanion. I have been with you for many years with my 3 pups, Elmo, Ej (Elmo Junior) and Nikki my big girl Mal. So as time would have it they are all growing old with more and more problems as the years pass. Elmo, my Yorkie will be 15 in September and he has cataracts, partially collapsed trachea, arthritis, mostly deaf, heart problems and digestive problems but because he gets the treatment he needs he still motors around the yard (he gets lost under the bush though). His son Ej, is going on 10 and he has diabetes now, and Bless her heart Nikki is 9 and still going strong. If it wasn’t for the great coverage I wouldn’t be able to afford the care they desrve. On their behalf, thank you so much!!! -Linda S.

Elmo, EJ, and Nikki

Loved my first experience filing a health claim with you guys. Well, didn’t much like that my cat needed a tooth extracted, but you made submitting the forms easy and your customer service reps were the best. I just received my check and it was more than I was expecting. -Pat D.

Just wanted to say Thank you, Had to submit my first claim and it was a big one(knee Surgery), not only were you people helpful and quick to respond but incredibly friendly and obviously real animal lovers 🙂 much like my self . Now she is on the mend and in no time she will be back chasing balls and playing with her brother. Best decision I ever made. thanks again

Her name is Madaya -Emily V.


Trupanion… Thanks for being such a great pet insurance company.. Super fast processing of claims and great coverage… Well done.. -Rob C.

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