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This Week in Testimonials – 6/15

Went to the vet Friday. Told everyone there how GREAT Trupanion is! Your welcome. -Lorna B.

Of ALL the Insurances out there, THEY are the best on my list. Small company with compassion , prompt payment, 24 hour help. I can not say enough good things about them. Just had an unexpected mega expensuve procedure/emergency on one of the few I have on this insurance. She was born with a congenital problem that sent her from normal temp to 107.8 in 2 hours. Raced her hours away with IVs attached from local Vet, called them at 2am and they had already faxed the forms to the emergency hospital before i even got there. While I had another on a VERY well known insurance, STILL waiting for payment for 2 months with constant aggravation, Trupanian had already sent me a check 10 days after another dog had to be seen for heart problems. As I said, I can not rave anymore about this company. -Eileen N.

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