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This Week in Testimonials – 6/29

This insurance is great! My vet faxed in a claim on Friday, they sent me an email that day that they got it. Then, by the next week, I got my reimbursement checks. Love the service! -Scott S.

Thank you Trupanion insurance. -Christy B.

I have to say what awesome caring service. Cynthia saw my FB post that I had to put my 13 yr old dog to sleep and she immediately contacted me with a heartfelt sympathy message and said she would take care of terming the policy and contacting my vet for the final bill. That is top notch service and spared me having to make that phone call to Trupanion in the midst of my grief. Thank you Cynthia and Trupanion. Without your coverage, I would not have been able to give my girl the extra year of quality life. -Karen L.

I ♥ Trupanion..! -Samson D.

This is Gabby, and she’s a Trupanion pup. Huge scare last year, and Trupanion was right there with her. Thank you for having such a great company! -Natasha G.


We have had to use Trupanion insurance twice now, with our one and half year old and our 7 month old siberian husky’s. Trupanion was great. I don’t know what we would of done without it. They are a amazing company. Thank you so much for being there for us. We love them like if they were our children. They are our whole life. -Lynn P.

Duermo tranquila sabiendo que Trupanion cubre el 90% del tratamiento para la diabetis de mi gatita Bacci. -Sylvi H.
(Translation: I sleep at night knowing that Trupanion covers 90% of diabetes treatment for my kitten Bacci.)

Scooter has been a blessing after the loss of our 15 yo Scottie. Thanks Trupanion for your fast claims payments. Scooter has used the coverage several times already in his 1st year. -Michael B.


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