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This Week in Testimonials – 6/8

SOOOO happy I found Trupanion!! You’ve managed to save me a bundle while keeping my goofy lab happy and healthy! -Pegi D.

Seriously, I LOVE YOU GUYS. I just did a sales pitch to a neighbour an hour ago. If not of your company, I could never afford my brittle little Italian Greyhound! You make me so happy 😉 -Diem F.

Love Trupanion. They cover everything for us the contract says they will. No questions. -Dianne K.

You guys are fantastic, you have helped us provide our fur babies with the most comfortable and healthy life! Thank you 🙂 -Joelle T.

This is once again why I chose Trupanion. Love you guys! -Emily N.

You guys are great! That’s why all my pets are insured with you.
Actually contemplating buying a policy for myself too! 🙂 -Uri B.

Trupanion has been fantastic! I purchased insurance on my White German Shepherd. Literally two months later we discoverd (much to our dismay) that he was found to have Anal Sac Adenocarninoma. I am very happy to report that almost 1 1/2 years later and now three operations and two rounds of chemotherapy later SnowBear seems to be doing very well. Of course we can never be sure the cancer is at bay or gone altogether, but thanks to Trupanion we have been able to love SnowBear’s company for at least 1 1/2 years longer than we likely would have and hopefully for many years to come. Trupanion has paid quickly and without question all of the bills for this cancer treatment, just like they said they would. Thanks Trupanion!!! -Ken H.

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