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Tips for Moving Your Pet

With the school year coming to an end, many families are making a change and moving. Whether it’s a move across town or to another state it can still be a stressful process. Many of us don’t stop to think about the impact moving can have on our pets as well. Uprooting them to a new place can be a very scary thing for them.

Here are some helpful tips to make the move an easy transition:

It is important to introduce your animals to whoever might be helping you move, whether it is a moving company or simply some friends, your pets need to be properly introduced. They may be frightened if a stranger is coming in and out of the house and taking things they consider part of their home.

It is important to move your pets last. This allows the adjustment process to go over more smoothly because they are still in a familiar place while you’re making the new place more comfortable. This also prevents the terrible tragedy of them getting badly stepped on or stuck underneath furniture.

Tips on moving with your pet
Mabel, a former Trupanion office dog, is helping pack boxes.

When you have cats that like to go out and explore make sure you wait as long as you possibly can before letting them out into their new environment. This allows them to get familiar with the inside of their new home first and de-stress before going out into unfamiliar territory.

You will want to make your neighbors aware of your pets, especially if you have dogs. Once you are ready it is a good idea to take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood and introduce them to their new surroundings and any neighbors that might be out. This way neighbors are not afraid of approaching your dog if on the loose and know where to return him or her.

Before you make a mess of your belongings in the moving process make sure you have all of their important documents such as proof of spay, neuter, shots, etcetera in one area so you can easily access them if need be. Lastly make sure to check with your city to maintain a pet license if you do not already have one in that area.

Are you making a move this summer? What measures are you willing to take to make this a smooth transition for your pets?

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