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Tru Interview: Cheryl with Lily

Next in our Tru Interview series we have Cheryl, a mom to three children and one fur-baby – a Yorkshire Terrier named Lily. She shares her story below.

Cheryl And Lily
Cheryl And Lily

What is your background? How are you involved with pets?
I grew up on a farm and have been around animals all of my life.  I was also a Search and Rescue volunteer and had the opportunity to work with search dogs.  

Do you have pets of your own? What are their stories?
Here is a story about a recent event that I would like to share. I had wanted to take a trip to the Flower World gardens. I had never been there before and the weather was getting nicer with spring quickly approaching and I thought it would be a great day trip idea. We found the location and as usual our dog Lily was along for the ride.  As we approached I noticed there was a beautiful pond, with lush green grass all around the parameter, as well as walking trails. Immediately I thought it would be a wonderful idea to let our dog Lily out for a walk and play after the long car ride.  Lily and I wondered towards the pond where the ducks, geese and swans were happily floating along on this warm tranquil sunny day.  Directly beyond the pond was a chicken house. Some of the chickens were roaming freely just outside the bushes that surrounded the grassy pond area looking for bits of grass or morsels they could eat. It was a picture perfect and tranquil moment as I was feeling content and blessed. All of a sudden, I hear a chicken squawking with all its might. I turned around and what did I see?  Lily with a feather stuck to the side of her face as she was in hot pursuit of a hysterical chicken running away from Lily as fast as it could.

Lily hunkers down, not to eat the chicken, but with the intent to play with the chicken. Lily thought she had found a new friend. However, the frantic chicken thought otherwise. Needless to say the poor chicken was in no mood to play. The chicken feared for its life.  At this point, Dave & and I are in hot pursuit to catch Lily as she continues to chase the frantic chicken.  What a scene!  We then noticed a man in overalls that looked like he was the caretaker of the chickens. Now we are really in trouble, not only are we chasing Lily with a feather in her mouth and this poor chicken is running frantically and squawking, scared for its life.  Luckily for us this man was a patron not the farmer. We managed to corral Lily and the chickens are now safe.  However the hen house did not settle down for quite some time afterwards.

What is your favorite dog breed and why? Cat breed?
I love all animals not any special breed.

Do you tend to give your pets human names (i.e. Sophia, George) or pet names (i.e. Bandit, Shadow)?
Neither. I try to find a name that fits their personality whether it is a human name or a pet name. 

If your dog/cat was a human, what do you think his/her profession would be?
I am not really sure, possibly an investigator or an instigator.  

Who is your favorite TV/movie animal (i.e. Snoopy, the Geico gecko, Lady or the Tramp)?
When I was a child one of my favorite movies was Black Beauty.

A big thank you to Cheryl for sharing her story! If you are interested in participating in the Tru Interview Series, please email me at

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