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Cat Insurance for the Russian Blue

Russian Blue Cat and Health Concerns
Photo Courtesy of The International Cat Association

If you’ve never had experience with a Russian Blue cat and you are contemplating getting one you might want to know some tips to keeping them healthy and happy. These cats originated in northern Russia and are also known as the Archangel cats. They arrived in Great Britain in 1860 and participated in some of the first cat shows there. The Russian Blue today has changed slightly since the original cats due to factors such as war and breeding changes.

Physical Characteristics: The modern day Russian Blue has emerald eyes with a pale blue coat. Along with being pale blue their coats have a silver sheen to them. Their bodies are lean and their ears are large and pointed.

Personality Traits: This cat can seem standoffish at first but once they decide you are worthy companions they will become exceedingly affectionate. They will begin to expect your praise and love to all of their needs. They are quick learners and enjoy playing with their favorite toy. Russian Blue’s are primarily quiet cats that get along with children or other pets.

Health Concerns: Like any pet they carry genes of their ancestors and even though they are known to be healthy it is advisable to provide them with regular vet care and cat insurance for anything that might come up. The earlier you detect a genetically transmitted disease the more effective the treatment will be.

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