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Celebrities Promoting Pet Causes

Celebrities often use their publicity to bring awareness for certain issues including pet causes. Celebrities have a way of making an issue come to life like no other person can. Once a celebrity starts caring about something, everyone else does too and in this case dogs and cats deserve all the attention they can get!

Recently Hilary Swank, a well known Oscar Winning actress, was in Bucharest, Romania fighting for stray dogs and supporting the animal welfare foundation called Vier Pfoten. Swank owns a rescue dog herself named Kai. Kai is a Jack Russell stray who joins her on many of her travels.

Hilary Swank is not the only celebrity bringing awareness to this cause. Josh Duhamel, who has been seen in movies like Life as We Know It and Transformers,recently became the spokesperson for pet adoption. Duhamel has partnered with Phoenix-based PetSmart’s charity to create the High–Five for Pet Adoption campaign. This campaign is designed to raise $250,000 and with this money they could help save 10,000 homeless cats and dogs. When Duhamel brought home his first adopted pup six years ago, it inspired him to become personally involved in the cause.

Stacy's dog Ellie
Ellie, our Trupanion Social Media Specialist adopted hound mix

The other recent celebrity attention was given by Alyssa Milano and Rob Thomas. Milano is most commonly known for her role in the TV sitcom Charmed. Milano joined the bandwagon by becoming part of a new campaign in animal causes. She is promoting spay and neuter procedures for companion animals from the Best Friends Animal Society.

Rob Thomas is a well known musician who is the primary songwriter and lead singer for the band Matchbox Twenty.  Thomas has been involved in animal rescue and awareness for quite some time and recently asked for donations to the Puerto Rican animal rescue. He has worked with rescue organization Pets Alive and without his help Pets Alive could have closed down last December. Pets Alive has an organization in Puerto Rico where Thomas used Twitter to ask for donations.

It is truly inspiring that these people are using their “celebrity power” to bring awareness to such an important issue. We can also do simple things to bring attention to these issues such as adopting a shelter pet, donating money to these campaigns, and even fostering pets until they find their forever homes.

Have you ever contributed to the cause?

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