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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Awesome

10/10 Awesome
We have have a pet poodle who is now 11 years old. We actually picked her out about 2 weeks after birth. Mandi is a pure bred with champion parents. She has been our baby ever since we got her. Somewhere, some how she got into Rat Poisoning and had to have several transfusions, sleeping in Oxygen kennels, blood works, x-rays, etc.. She literally creeped across the floor to me and I took her in immediately. When she was worst that night we took her back in with bleeding gums, blood in her chest cavity and neck. Had the blood made it into her lungs she would have died. We are very thank ful for have Trupanion as our pet insurance coverage. They have handled everything for us and we would highly recommend them to pet owners. Thank you for all your updates and continued wonderful customer service.

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