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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Thank you, Trupanion!

10/10 Thank you, Trupanion!
Being a Purdue veterinary student and working as a receptionist at Paw Prints Animal Hospital has allowed me to see just how expensive pet emergencies/illnesses can be and how quickly they can occur. When I brought home my Dalmatian puppy (Ledger) almost two years ago, one of the first things I did was sign him up for Trupanion pet insurance. Thankfully, I made the right decision! Dalmatians produce high levels of uric acid and can be prone to bladder stones, so I knew turning to Trupanion was the right thing to do! He was indeed diagnosed with bladder stones this July and will now need an ultrasound of his bladder every 3 months to watch for future stone formation. If it weren’t for Trupanion, I would have paid over $650 just to have the stones diagnosed and removed, and the future charges would have been waiting to add to the total cost. Thanks to Trupanion’s fast claims service, 90% coverage, and rapid turnaround, I’ve already been reimbursed about $500 dollars! Ledger also has to eat a special diet (Hill’s U/D) to help prevent future stone formation, and Trupanion even covers approximately half of the food cost! I was able to set my own deductible, and the claims process is easy and fast! I highly recommend Trupanion to ANY pet owner. It not only has amazing benefits for puppies and kittens, but also older dogs and cats too! As a future veterinarian, I will recommend Trupanion to all of my clients!
-Anna G.

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2 Responses to Featured Pet Insurance Review – Thank you, Trupanion!

  1. mike allen says:

    I think it depends on the claims, sometimes they delay payments for weeks, and don’t abide by their own policy of quick turn around on claims. We have had dozens of claims that have taken in excess of two weeks, with no word from Trupanion. They constantly use the comment “we are reviewing the claim, they are at the adjustor, we need more information” The same old story, less the responsibility of them abiding by their own contracts and promises of quick turn around on payment of claims. On Yelp, Trupanion has Stacy K, comment on all the positive comments. Of all the other comments about Trupanion reducing monthly premiums, I have not meet one person I know that has had a deduction in the payment amounts. They are quick at raising premiums without flinching…. I just wonder why they do not stick to their own policy of paying out on vet bills in a timely manner.

    • Stacy says:

      Hi Mike,
      I apologize for your unsatisfactory claims experience. We strive to process them as quickly as possible. The first claim tends to take longer because we need to request medical records from your pet’s veterinary clinic(s). Many clinics are busy helping pets and it may be a few days before they can fax us the records. Thank you for your patience. Though I hope your pet stays healthy and doesn’t need to make extra trips to the vet, I’m sure you’ll see that future claims will be processed much faster, if you should need to file future claims.

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