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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Thank you, Trupanion!

10/10 Thank you, Trupanion!
Being a Purdue veterinary student and working as a receptionist at Paw Prints Animal Hospital has allowed me to see just how expensive pet emergencies/illnesses can be and how quickly they can occur. When I brought home my Dalmatian puppy (Ledger) almost two years ago, one of the first things I did was sign him up for Trupanion pet insurance. Thankfully, I made the right decision! Dalmatians produce high levels of uric acid and can be prone to bladder stones, so I knew turning to Trupanion was the right thing to do! He was indeed diagnosed with bladder stones this July and will now need an ultrasound of his bladder every 3 months to watch for future stone formation. If it weren’t for Trupanion, I would have paid over $650 just to have the stones diagnosed and removed, and the future charges would have been waiting to add to the total cost. Thanks to Trupanion’s fast claims service, 90% coverage, and rapid turnaround, I’ve already been reimbursed about $500 dollars! Ledger also has to eat a special diet (Hill’s U/D) to help prevent future stone formation, and Trupanion even covers approximately half of the food cost! I was able to set my own deductible, and the claims process is easy and fast! I highly recommend Trupanion to ANY pet owner. It not only has amazing benefits for puppies and kittens, but also older dogs and cats too! As a future veterinarian, I will recommend Trupanion to all of my clients!
-Anna G.


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