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Finalists in the Hero Dog Awards

Finalists in the 2012 “American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards” were selected after more than two million votes. There are 8 dogs chosen and each one is put into specialized categories including: Law Enforcement and Arson Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Military Dogs, Guide Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Hearing Dogs, and Emerging Hero Dogs. The Hero Dog awards are put on by the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation and are produced by MRB Productions.

These awesome winners will travel with their owners to Beverly Hills for a red-carpet event and award ceremony. This event will be held in the ballroom of the landmark Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday, October 6. Charity partners will provide each winner with $5,000 and a Hero Dog award that represents their loyalty, bravery, and love. Only one winner will walk away with an additional $10,000 for winning top honors.

Trupanion Service Dog Award
Holly won the Service Dog Award. Photo Courtesy of the American Humane Assocation.

The winners for the “American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards” are:

  • Military Dog Category: Gabe, from Columbia, SC, who has served the U.S.  military since 2006
  • Emerging Hero Category: Daniel, a beagle from an Alabama shelter, is an advocate for shelter  adoptions and humane euthanasia legislation
  • Guide Dog Category: Tabitha, from South Bend, IN, helped Anne Drake regain her confidence and complete her undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Law Enforcement/Arson Dog Category: Jynx, from Shillington, PA, helps officers with life threatening situations on a daily basis
  • Hearing Dog Category: Tatiana, from Plantation, FL, helped saved her handler Cristina Saint-Blancard from a dangerous asthma attack
  • Search and Rescue Dog Category: Soot, from Charleston, WV, helped rescue a  78-year-old diabetic hunter who was lost in the wilderness
  • Service Dog Category: Holly, from Magna, UT, helps her owner Shanna Wilkinson, who suffers from epilepsy
  • Therapy Dog Category: Stella, from Mt. Kisco, NY, travels to see residents at Richmond Community Services to provide unconditional love to the developmentally disabled children and adults.

Trupanion played a special role in these awards by sponsoring the Service Dog category. Holly from Magna, UT was honored because of her unconditional attention to her owner Shanna, who suffers from epileptic seizures. With the help of Holly, Shanna is able to go through life with confidence and without fear. They routinely travel to elementary schools to teach the significance of Service Dogs.

The Hero Dog awards were created by the American Humane Association to honor the relationships between dogs and people and to thank them for their services.

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